Notification Category C enforced unjustly

I am a cyclist with a FTP 190 Watt
My weight is 72 kg.
190/72 = 2.64

But still it is not possible to ride races in cat C.

Do somebody knows how i can ride the C category into Zwift. For now i will get the notice category enforced

(Whoops sorry about the earlier comment - I misread your message)

If you have ever lowered your weight in the game on any ride for any reason, that’s a common cause of getting upgraded. If you did that, write to explaining what happened.

Check out to see your PRs. Post them here if you want some analysis to explain what happened.

Zwift does not just use your FTP/weight, they use zFTP which is more like a CP calculation, using multiple points on your power curve (a shorter duration one such as 5-6mins, and a longer duration one such as 12-15mins) to calculate your zFTP.

More details here: Fitness Metrics FAQ (

But as Paul says, if you change your weight, they will average the calculation of your best efforts across those two weights, so if you did change your weight, that will have an impact to your zFTP.

If you go onto your feed on you can check what values they are using in the “Fitness” tab to the right of the feed. You can see if any of those seem off, and they tell you when you did each of those best efforts.