Weight causing problems

Hi. I’m a Cycling-trainer in our local cycling Club. One day (I think it was 19/9-23) one of the young guys in my club was asking if he could try Zwift (before buying equipment), and he tried my Hometrainer and my Zwift Profile. He changed the weight from 77 to about 50 kg.
I told him not to save, but he saved two activities. The next race I did, the kg was still set to about 50 kg. I stopped the activity without saving, when I discovered the mistake.

Now in category enforcement, I can only do A-races, and I have no chance in those races my zFTP=244 w / 77 kg = 3,16 w/kg at the moment, but I think because my kg have been set lower, i’m recorded as a superman! Any advise on how to contact Zwift and get it changed? I can only use the chat which is a robot for no use. Or do I have to make a brand new profile to be able to race in normal categories?

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Raise a ticket with Zwift, they are pretty good with things like this

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email zwiftpower@zwift.com explaining.

How/where do I do this? The chat-function is only a robot, not helping much.

OK. I’ll try this. The problem is with Zwift, not Zwiftpower, I think, but I’ll give it a shot - thank you.

zwiftpower is owned by zwift. (has been for 2-3 years) They have access to invalidate rides if there is a good reason

FYI, Category Enforcement power is recorded whether you save the ride or not. There is no safe way to share an account when weight is changed like that.