Summary screen power profile is wrong since update

Since the update on Thursday, the power profile on the “timeline” on ending a ride looks wrong. It has become overly averaged and seems to be picking up a different set of zones as the colours are different than I have on the graph while riding in game. For me it’s only out by 1 zone but I’ve seen examples from others that have a blue graph in game and in the companion app and its all red in the summary. How do you guys come up with such imaginative bugs?? Can you help? Why has this changed??

So I think this error is occurring because somehow the summary screen is either taking a different FTP value, possibly from a different date, or somehow has a different division of the zones than the game does. Such a weird bug. Am I the only one who cares about this??

Can you post some screenshots? I can’t say that I have any real idea of the two places you are seeing these differences.

Are you referring to this: Zwift power curve is bad

I’m wondering what this is referring to as well. Have just finished a ride and looked in the timeline in the ‘Race Report’ (that appears in the game before saving), and everything looks as it should be.
I’m curious about the mention of zone colors, because colored blocks are used for the heart rate zones in the Report and in Companion, after the rides. Power is represented by white blocks.

No neither.

The graph of the power on the timeline summary - the profile of the power over the course of the ride. Since the update the averaging has changed and the colours in the graph have the power in a different zone. It’s most obvious if you do intervals aiming for a set power.

During the ride, the graph of power at the bottom of the screen? Like this?

Mine’s showing the correct power zones, checked against a second power source (Wahoo KICKR / Assioma Duo Shi pedals).

If yours is way off, might there be a calibration or power reading issue on your side? No one else seems to be reporting this issue.

So for me it’s more subtle but this is two snapshots from a teammates’ ride from companion app (correct and same as in game) and the timeline summary.

To be clear, the graph on the bottom of the screen during the ride is correct. There’s no issue with my PM. Lots of people have mentioned the issue to me. It’s just the summary timeline screen that’s wrong.

Interesting. I guess I was confused because the ‘Timeline’ screen in the Companion app for my devices (iPad/iPhone) just shows the white line for power. There is no zone-coloring underneath. Maybe this is a setting somewhere, or you’re on a different type of device? Whatever the case, I don’t have anything in Companion to which I could compare what is shown in-game.

If you just click “Power” under the companion app power graph white line, the colours come up. You can thank me later for this IT support but this isn’t the point. The problem is the in game Ride Report power graph.

Thanks for clarifying; the screen grabs help a lot. As you say, there’s clearly something amiss. I hope you get some traction with this.

Note: like Nigel, I don’t get the power colours in the end-of-game Ride Report Timeline and cannot get them in Companion as I use the iOS version. (The ‘tap for Power colours’ feature is only available on Companion on Android, apparently: Companion App Timeline Graphs with Colors (iPhone))

I rarely look at the Zwift graphs but took a snap on last ride after reading Rich’s OP to compare…

If I look closely at my Ride Report, the orange power is showing up in the companion app as yellow. Maybe this is a rendering thing where orange wouldnt contrast enough due to limited real estate?!?!

Nope. Tapping the Power button just makes the white line appear and disappear; no zone colors. Good thing I didn’t pay for that support. :wink:


Okay - this bug has nothing to do with the companion app.

Dean - you must remember if you were pushing mostly in z4 (yellow) or mostly in z5 (red) at the start of that effort. Or maybe you don’t remember anything about that as it all looks very painful!!

I think you are missing a zone. Z5 in zwift is not red :wink: EDIT: in my case the colours all match up if yellow showed as orange in the CA. I’m not convinced that is the case for you though as they contrast quite a bit.

Yep, those “group rides” are bit tough, luckily it wasnt a race!

I am also seeing a discrepancy between the expected colours being shown at the bottom of the screen during the ride, and the summary at the end. See these images as an example - during the ride the power was green with a hint of yellow, and orange with hints of yellow; in the summary of the same section, it is yellow with hints of green and solid orange with more red.

That’s way too subtle Tom! I think for a lot of people it’s a lot less subtle - e.g. green → yellow, yellow → red.

Maybe this is a better example. The summary in the companion app match what i see in the graph, and the zone i was really in, while riding in game. The end screen summary then bumps it all up a bit.

The resolution of the averaging on that summary graph changed at the same time as this minor bug started, to have more smoothing. I dont mind that but i think whoever coded it has got the rolling average window calculation wrong somehow (e.g. the denominator smaller than the window size somehow). Oddly for some people that had this problem, it has fixed itself!

To add further to this, for me the problem is definitely happening more obviously for long workouts - I suspect the point at which there is no longer enough width in the graphic to represent each 1s power measurement with at least one pixel. Take the following example from a 20 minute workout (~1200s) - firstly with a 10 minute section from in-game:

and comparing this to the same section of the power graph from the summary image at the end:

Now take a second workout that was ~90 minutes long (~5400s) - in game I see 10 minutes as:

then for the same section in the final summary:

I’ve tried to align/scale the images to make the comparison easy, but you can clearly see the power colours from the long workout being too high in the summary view.

My thought is that when Zwift starts having to compress the graph because there aren’t enough pixels of width to have 1s (or less) per pixel, the algorithm is biased towards higher power sections of effort.

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