Profile Power tab blank ("Internal Database Error")

Just that, the “Power” tab on profiles is not showing a power graph - just a blank space. Seems to be the case for all riders - both myself and others.

If I check the browser console see the request to get the data gets the response:

{"MESSAGE_TITLE":"Information","MESSAGE_TEXT":"Internal Database Error","S_USER_WARNING":true,"S_USER_NOTICE":false,"REFRESH_DATA":null}

there was an upgrade of ZP today maybe that has had a knock on effect @shuji FYI


As Gordon said - we upgraded database software on ZwiftPower about 12 hours ago. It’s going to take time for the databases to sync with races that happened during the service window. If this continues to be an issue for you - please let us know.


Just to clarify, this is not for specific races, but for the general rider profile power graph. For me specifically, I haven’t done any events since Saturday.

I see what you’re saying now. Stand by while we take a look.


Thanks for flagging it up. The team is aware and working on a fix. We appreciate your patience.

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Since the recent ZwiftPower maintenance downtime, when you go to Profile and the ‘Activities’ tab (called ‘Activity List’ when you refresh it) ZwiftPower lists everything as happening on the date “Tuesday 30 November -1 11:00” in reverse chronological order, starting with my first ever activities on Zwift and finishing on the last page with my most recent. Refreshing again via “Update activity list” doesn’t fix it.

On the slim chance it’s just affecting my own profile, I’m 377683

Not just you Simon.

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Could just be database sync delay after todays ZP update but another one to check @shuji

Hi @Simon_Vandore_EVO

I merged your question into a similar thread already underway. Please give us a little time to work through the ZwiftPower issues reported after today’s database upgrade.

Same problem here. Updated the activity list just after maintenance yesterday and all dates and elapsed time were gone (start changed to 30th november -1 01:00 - elapsed time changed to 0)

Mine is the same everything has same 30th November date etc. Once again no testing before release, do they pay the IT team for this rubbbish?

The issue should be fixed now.
If your activities list has wrong dates at the moment, you will need to click “Update activity list”