Colored power graph?

What happened to the colored power graph when viewing a completed ride? If you turned off power then turned it back on you used to get a colored graph. Now its gone? :sob:

It’s still there for me

What are you using to view the activity?

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Is that the companion app?! I’ve never seen it displayed like that.

On iPhone the companion app looks like this for me…

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Not even if you tap the Power button (and output consistent power)?

No I have never seen coloured analysis on IPad Air 2 working as Companion App.

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Not sure what you mean - the power button toggles on and off the white line.

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There are only two states for me, they look like this…

Same for me, screen 1 & 2 only.

Do you have option to check your power, cadence, HR and elevation at any point in time on your ride as we have ?

Power get 3 options (filled colour, line or nothing) and the Cadence/HR are just line graphs on or off.

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that’s weird, i’ve only ever used android and get the three as above, assumed it was like that for everyone?

default shows power as a line, press power and it turns it off, press it again and you get the colour graph

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Yeah I can toggle all day long but will only get those two states on my iPhone.

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So not the circled option to move where you want?

Yeah I have that too Ian.

Same here on iPhone and iPad Pro (only two options: ON/OFF).
On my Android tablet i can use three display options and companion app is scaling to display resolution…

yeah the companion app. never workded on the PC for me :frowning: but today its working again!