Power & HR graph missing in-game

While riding the power and HR graph at the bottom of the screen are missing since updating to the latest version. It’s not a connection issue as everything pairs and works/records just fine, it is simply missing the graph on the display now.

Hi @Bryan_Glover

Press “G” on the keyboard to activate the graph.


… or, as you seem to be on a tablet, touch the screen to bring up the choice of controls/reactions. Find and tap the icon that looks like a bar graph, which should make your power zone graph and heart rate line reappear.


Ya’ll are the best, thanks. Figured it might be something this simple since everything seemed to work just fine otherwise


I wonder if they switched the default on Tablet for that setting. I noticed mine wasn’t there on my last ride, and I don’t remember turning it off. Though I might have fat fingered it.

Same… I definitely never turned it off but can’t deny the fact that it might have been an accident on my part.