Loss of Heart Rate and power graph bottom of screen following recent update

Updated late last week and since then two (2) rides “free rides” have been missing the usual Heart Rate Graph (red line) and Power zones graph below it? I have rebotted a few time without results, can anyone assist?
Thanks in advance.

Did you click on the icon on pc or zca to turn it off/on?

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I will check, its been on for 3 years and this is the first time it has vanished …thanks for taking the time and will let you. Thanks again!

You can press G to turn it on/off at any time

Unless you are on iPad in which case the hotkeys are for some reason not at all hooked up even if you have a keyboard connected.

apologies, i never knew. if you ask me it’s a bit unfair of zwift to give apple users this kind of preferential treatment when it comes to bugs and leave us PC users out in the rain

Thanks to all who commented, now fixed!