Power Zones not showing in my Ride

I’ve done my FTP test, and my ftp is showing in my profile. But, when I do a run and look at it on the companion app, it does not show ‘zones’ in the power. It shows them instead in the heart rate. I am focusing on trading in using power zines and this isn’t helpful, is there something I’m doing wrong?

No, this is how it is designed. The screen to the left of the power distribution, the timeline, will show the colors you are looking for however by pressing the “power” button.

The screen to the left is just the graph one, it shows power, but not the zones. Unless you mean another one I’m missing?

nope, that’s it. Press the “power” button and it should turn red and the colors will come up.

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Gordon - I notice that you dont ride with your power graph on your display - given your focus on power zones, this may also be a feature you will find useful (if you havent already discovered it).

Power/HR graph can be enabled by hitting “G” on the keyboard, or clicking in the middle-bottom of your screen and clicking the graph icon.

What OS are you running companion on cause that’s not what it does on iPhones (it just removed the line graph of the option you click):

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Android, there are 3 options: gray (no power), blue (line only), and red (color)

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I see someone else answered, but that’s not the iOS behaviour.

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I didn’t know that was a thing, I’ll do that for sure.

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What I’m confused about is why Zwift shows me a graph of how much time I spent at what power ( which is what I want), and plots it on an axis that is power, but isn’t showing me the zones. It does that with the heart rate, but the zones do not much the zones I am expecting for my power, based on FTP. In the ride shown, most of my ride was in what I think is Zone 1 (blue), but if you look at the zones on Heart Rate Graph that is not what it is saying. Zwift clearly knows what zone it things my power is in at any point, so why is it not showing on the graphs (like the heart rate zones one).

I’ve just noticed something even more confusing. If I log on to Zwift com, and look at my activites. The graph that shows pwer distribution has a switch to turn on or off the display of Power Zones off-on so the information is clearly there.

So is there a way to get an official response to this kind of question from Zwift?

Email Zwift support with the query, but it’ll take them a while to reply.

Thanks. I’ll give that a try