Power Zones Displayed on Power Distribution Graph in Companion App

In the Companion App, the heart rate distribution is graphed against your zones, why can’t this be the case for power distribution?

■■■■. I’ve just been complaining about this, and am disappointed to note that it’s been an issue for so long.

I just requested this feature too using the support chat. Tylor M. said he passed the request to the devs.

It would be very nice to see Z1-Z7 for power distribution!

Seems like a no brainer

It does seem backwards. I can enter my FTP so Zwift could calculate power zones but there’s no way to enter HR values (other than if I did an FTP test wearing an HR monitor) so how can it accurately calculate my heart rate zones?

What about the Max HR you can enter alongside your FTP on your profile ?

Until they took the FTP slider away a couple of weeks ago I’ve never seen or looked at that page. How long has that been there, since the homepage refresh? Either way mine has no value entered so still doesn’t make sense how I can have HR zones but no do have an ftp entered but no power zones.

I think the ability to enter Max HR has been there at least a year. I started looking into it when I saw a few Power Graphs which were in colour and I didn’t appear to get them on my ZCA.

I had seen coloured HR graphs such as:

I was looking to see if it was possible to match up Power zones and HR zones - not sure I could ever get a great match.

In the end found that on my Zwift dot com account I could get both power and HR charts in colour with zones - just don’t know, yet, how Zwift use FTP and Max HR figures to produce them.


Edit: I do seem to recall that somewhere I did see someone had a coloured ZCA power graph showing colours (not sure about zones) but not sure what OS they were using. I may have remembered incorrectly.

To self: found what I was looking for. ZCA power showing coloured ‘zones’ similar to in game.