Request: Zone Gauge

Hello Zwifters,

Since 1 month i have been riding on Zwift and i’m having a blast. I notice i’m getting fitter and love to see myself improve weekly.

As i’m new to riding and training in zones, i’m struggling to find a good pace and have to guess which zone i’m riding in when i’m in freemode or a race. I would love to see a gauge which tells me, based on my current ftp, which power zone i’m riding at at that moment, and same principle would be usefull for heart rate zones as well.

This way, a person could easily track whether to step up or step down their game. Could be as easy as a gauge of colorcoded block.

I’m aware people who have reached a certain level would not have any problem with this because it wont change. But as new rider, with improving ftp, i have to recalculate and print this data constantly if i wished to track it while riding.

Is this an Idea that should be implemented, or is there another feature already that coveres this i’m unaware of? Please let me know. Thanks in advance!

This exists already :slight_smile:

On the companion app, hit the power button (it looks like line graph) or press G on your keyboard.

Amazing! I’m gonna try this soon! :smile::+1:

You’ll never take your eyes off it now.

Ah i see, how do i read this? Does it update on te left side or right side?

Thanks voor showing me this!

It’s the coloured bar along the button. Each colour represents a different power zone (Grey 1, Blue 2, Green 3, Yellow 4, Orange 5, Red 6).

Unless I’ve completely misunderstood your request?

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Thats exactly what answers my question. Thanks james and Claus!