Power Zone appropriate coloured Wattage display background

Hi there,

I’m pretty sure this doesn’t exist already. Please forgive and gently correct me if it does and I’ve missed it. 

When doing a workout in Zwift, the target Wattage has a background colour to match that given to the appropriate power zone. For example, if I am partaking in a workout and it wants me to aim for a Wattage in Power Zone 3, the background will be green. 

I was wondering if this premise could be implemented in general Zwifting.

When I (or anyone) go into certain Power Zones (based on one’s personal FTP) could the background change colour accordingly to let the rider know he or she is in a specific zone? I believe, at the moment, it remains blue regardless of one’s efforts. 

That would be informative but wouldn’t take up any further space on the existing display. 

Lots of people will know their zones off by heart but not everyone does. I know I certainly don’t.

As I said earlier, please correct me if I’m wrong about this. I miss a lot of obvious things in life. 

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definitely a fan of this idea.  I’ve said it before myself, although I Don’t think I ever posted a message/feature request

A “power zone” bar would be nice with different coloured blocks for the zones, and a slider to indicate your power zone.

Lots of Garmin Edge apps have this, so something similar on the Zwift dashboard or Mobile Link app.

Are you looking for something like the graph in the bottom of the picture?


No, was thinking more of a real-time readout of what zone I’m currently in.

Something like a small bar widget underneath the 348 82/165 block with the same width and with current w/kg in a power bar format & slider and with a larger text w/kg value.

Lots of people saying that the w/kg text on the right is too small. This would be a potential solution.

Kinda like the graph but more obvious and, as Stephen said, more use in real time.

The graph is so little, I can’t tell when zone I’m in while I’m in that zone (if that makes sense). I can only see what zone I’ve been in a little after I’ve been in it. 

I’m glad I was able to put that across so clearly. 

the graph in the bottom is real time and the most right section is your current zone.

I don’t understand why people want to see their w/kg all the time. It does not have any training value. 

Nor does speed but it doesn’t stop people obsessing over it. 

Come to think of it, most data doesn’t really matter to me in a practical sense. I’m just some middle-aged man who enjoys tootling around on his bike. All the same, I like to have access to as much information as I can. I feel it enhances my cycling experience (both indoors and outdoors).

I know the graph is in real time but it’s too fiddly and tiny for me to be able to see it properly. Changing the colour of the Wattage display background would be a more obvious manner to show the power zone. 

Kit see your point with the power zone if you are on a small screen it can be hard. You got my vote for that one. 

I think it’s a great idea