Colour of wattage displays

It would be great if the colours of the wattage displays would change in accordance with a rider’s individual power zones, as defined by their FTP or on some sort of continuous spectrum.

This would help if you were trying to pace something. I find myself looking at the numbers too much but a colour system would mean you could concentrate on other things and merely glance out of the corner of your eye.

Makes sense. The trace at the bottom of the screen already does this.

So does Workout mode:


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It would be nice if I could see the back ground color in the left corner ,where I see my watts/cadence en heart rate, linked to the colors of my own training zones.Now it stays blue all the time.Or the possibility to turn it on or off…In that way I will see if i’am going to fast or to slow without training mode.

Run does this by heart rate, which is another take at it.

Yes, I have seen that this is a feature in Run - so translating this over to cycling (using wattage as the main metric, and maybe with an option to select HR?) should be doable.

Just would be a useful - at a glance - visual of the zone you are in while still keeping the HUD graphics at a minimum.

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When spectating a runner this morning I noticed that the colour of the box changed depending on HR too, didn’t realise it did that. Don’t understand why Zwift couldn’t implement this option for cyclists and let them choose between Wattage and HR. They’ve clearly got the code there somewhere.

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