Apply workout zone colors elsewhere in the UI

The workout mode has introduced a vocabulary of color for people’s efforts.  It seems to progress as follows: Grey, blue, orange, green and red.

At a glance I can see on someone’s virtual screen which zone they are in and I gather this is based off of FTP.  It is a rough picture of someone’s current effort and it is pretty useful both for yourself and when observing others.  So I would propose the following ways to extending this color scheme in the application:

  1. Make the w/kg display show in the color of your zone.  This might be problematic for blue and you may need to dial down the opacity of the rider list.  I could imagine seeing a ZTR race group rolling through with a bunch of red 4+ w/kg displays.
  2. On your own watt display in the upper left (or upper middle in workout mode) have the watt figure show in the color zone.
  3. It has been suggested before to display w/kg on the blue ghost riders.  How about giving them colors that represent what relative zone they are riding at?  If my blue color shows at 2.5 w/kg, let the ghost rider be blue but if they are higher then they show as green.  This would make it easier to identify ghost riders that are a good pace to ride with.

There may be other places to apply this too, but I think this would nicely extend the idea throughout.

I like number 2. Seeing when you’re in the red/at-tempo/coasting during a race would be much easier if the WAT value was colour coded accordig to your FTP zones, you wouldn’t need to look.