Show power zones next to our wattage

It wouldbe nice to be able to see what power zone we are in at any given time… A simple z1, z2, z3 would be fine… maybe even more granular? z1.2, z3.5, z4.8, etc… I’d like to see this next to our current power if possible. 

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Was just thinking this the other day, sometimes I find myself squinting to see the w/kg in the big list of names, would be tight if it was just there under my actual wattage on the left side of the UI. Surely nitpicking, but theres some real-estate there, so it doesnt seem outside the realm of possibility.

I have noticed while on training mode that there is a graph on the bottom of the screen that goes up with an increase in power and down when I back off. The color changes from blue to yellow to orange (I think) and it appears to change as I enter a new zone. I may be wrong but It may be of some help. The other line appears to be cadance or heart rate but in my case doesn’t seem to fluctuate much

I was thinking they could extend the blue box with our data to the right by a bit then add the zone info… Could even add zones for heart rate. 


The graph in workout mode already shows your zones by color coding them so I assume they’re already running the calculations!

How about changing the colour of the power display at the top of the screen in the same manner as the workout zone display does, starting at blue and going to red.  Or making this display togglable


^Exactly as Matt Robinson (Westbury Whs) has stated.

It was a brilliant idea to have the Workout window and associated Power/HR indicator at the bottom of the screen match the standard Coggan power zone colors.


It would be great to have a similar capability during “free-ride” mode. Easiest option would be to change the color of the static Blue Power/HR/Cadence box in the upper left of the screen.

This times a billion.

Trying to derive what zone you’re in when you’re cross-eyed, drooling, and blinded by sweat, isn’t the easiest thing in the world.

Simply being able to just switch raw power, for zone power, would be excellent.
I’m fairly spoiled by the Garmin format, where it does it in X.Y format. Where it gives the zone, and your place in the zone in tenths.

ie 4.7 being two tenths above your recorded FTP (at least per the “standard” Dr Coggan zones).

I agree with all of the above…Power zone is quite crucial information for structured training in free ride…since the information is already available better visual integration should be an easy fix.