Option to display Power / HR zones while riding

It would be great to have the ability to know which zone you’re riding in when not in a workout.

I currently do this by riding with my Garmin running at the same time as Zwift. This gives me both HR and Power zones but it would be great to have them visible on the main Zwift screen so that I could focus on training zones rather than specific numbers.

For HR, this would mean offering customisable HR zones in the user profile but hopefully not too big a problem.

This would be great, I currently have my Garmin running at the same time but I have to choose between that and the mobile link. If zwift had zones I would just use my phone the whole time.

Would be cool to be able to bring power and hr data in from strava :slight_smile:

I agree, this would be a useful feature. If you have a Strava connection you can gather the data from there or Garmin Connect.

I agree. A switchable display in zwift between actual power, power zone, and watts/kg would be perfect (for me anyway).

+1 for this as my Garmin edge sometimes causes drop outs and i prefer to use my zones or % of max/FTP for HR or Power, over W/KG for some of my training sessions.

Could be as simple as having the (currently static Blue) Power/HR/Cadence box change color to represent the power zone using the same Coggan-inspired color scheme used in Workout mode…

I always train by % of HR MAX so that would be really handy to see even if this just meant choosing how the HR is displayed. Either BPM, %HRMAX or Zone

When, guys, when you implement it?

How about this ? I want to choose from 

power, power/kg, power zone


bpm, %hrmax, hr zone