HR Zones by Color/Icon

It would be amazing to see HR-Zones by changing color of the HR-digits itself, or an icon next to the HR changing color, similar to what popular sports-watches like Garmin does.
It would help immensely with zone-workouts just by checking the right zone in peripheral vision, without having to focus on the exact number and knowing your zones.

Using power zones is a much better way of training. Use the ‘G’ button on your keyboard shows your recent 10 mins power history and is drawn in real time. Bonus, the graph is colour coded for your power zones so you can see your effort at a glance.

HR is a reactive output. You could have done a hard 30 second sprint and have dropped power but your HR could still be rising. This make training by HR zone a little inaccurate.

Hm, that’s true. You got me. I just realized last week, that most experts as well as Garmin rate activities by power, not by HR. I was confused at first when adding my PowerMeter pedals. But yes, now I am focusing on the onscreen watts and maybe that’s what I wanted to ask for, but you are absolutely right. I just didn’t get why so maye use the power-history and it felt a bit overwhelming to be honest.
But now, it clicks - of course! I should have realized during ZA-Workouts… sorry.
Still it would be cool to have a little icon indicating zones (Z1-Z6) besides power and HR as an option, but yea… I feel a bit ashamed, but thanks! Will use this feature from now on as default :slight_smile:

No problem.

I use the graph all the time, it’s a visual reminder that i have gone really hard for too long as the bottom of the screen starts filling with red!

One thing you may find interesting is the HR graph that is also displayed. You can see your power drop instantly but the HR continue to rise for a short while before coming down. It illustrates how reactive HR output is.

Enjoy your training & Ride On!

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