Add power zone color to the upper left hand wattage box in 'ride around' mode


I saw a few posts about this from 2016, seems like it had a good bit of support but I haven’t seen anything for quite some time.

Any updates on this at all?  Is it a planned feature for a future roll-out?


Ride On!

Yes please!  It’s already on the run side of Zwift for HR Zones.  It would be good to have the HR and Watts coded in ride mode as well. 

Agreed. it was probably me who asked for it in 2016. Running already has the feature where the box changes colour according to HR, for cycling we should have the option to allow enable the same thing but for HR or POWER according to user preference. 

I know from using my ELEMNT with coloured LEDs for HR zones it’s very useful and much easier to see the colour than a number when you’re going all out.