Feature Request: Ability to change power zone colors please?

Hi there,

I would love to be able to change the colour zones in zwift to correlate to the colors used in intervals. It is confusing bringing workouts over and the zone colors not matching up.

Zone 1 is grey on Zwift, blue on Intervals.
Zone 2 is blue on Zwift, green on Intervals.
Zone 3 is green on Zwift, yellow on Intervals.
Zone 4 is yellow on Zwift, orange on Intervals.

In addition to that the upper left box that show wattage etc. currently is blue all the time. Wouldn’t it be cool if the color of the box changes depending on the power zone your are currently riding in? Or alternatively you could select it to change based on HR.

People at intervals are also already trying to find a solution to this there also but it would be amazing if zwift could make the change given it is a paid service intervals is not.

Many thanks for everything! Love everything Zwift is about!

Hi @Your_Kingdom_NZ_CR

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What about people using other apps with different Zone colours?

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Maybe intervals.icu could make the change if everyone using it did actually pay for the service?

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Isn’t what they are asking for? to be able to change the colour to match what they use? so user defined colours not colour predetermined by zwift.

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Thanks @Chris_Holton

I had to re read the post.

So the request is for user defined power zones and colours. Got it.

Moved this to Feature Requests.

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I don’t want to speak on their behalf but that’s how i understood it and it does make sense.

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