Heart Rate Zones

I would love to be able to see heart rate zones as well as BPM when riding around on Zwift.

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I agree, and the same goes for watt/power-zones. They should make the blue boxes change colours in accordance to the current zone. (green, yellow, red and black if your are pushing yourself way over normal.)

Same here. I train by HR zone and would like to see HR Zones available in Zwift.


Agree - it should be relatively easy to allow people set both their heart and power zones and for these to be displayed using color coding on screen? Would be a really beneficial but simple to implement change…

Agree they should be user setable, but I’d prefer that Zwift let me choose between my Strava, Training Peaks, etc zones or enter the zones manually. I currently have zones in my watch, cycling computer, Strava, Training Peaks, etc. It’s a pain to set the zones on all of them.