Heart Rate Zones

(Zack Peters) #1

I would love to be able to see heart rate zones as well as BPM when riding around on Zwift.

(Anders B-B DKZR (C)) #2

I agree, and the same goes for watt/power-zones. They should make the blue boxes change colours in accordance to the current zone. (green, yellow, red and black if your are pushing yourself way over normal.)

(Andrew Fiamingo) #3

Same here. I train by HR zone and would like to see HR Zones available in Zwift.


(Robin Grant) #4

Agree - it should be relatively easy to allow people set both their heart and power zones and for these to be displayed using color coding on screen? Would be a really beneficial but simple to implement change…

(Steve Achelis) #5

Agree they should be user setable, but I’d prefer that Zwift let me choose between my Strava, Training Peaks, etc zones or enter the zones manually. I currently have zones in my watch, cycling computer, Strava, Training Peaks, etc. It’s a pain to set the zones on all of them.