Hey Zwift team, I am new to cycling metrics - is there a way in future to include time in power zones by color code? So as you train there is a visual chart that corresponds with how effort in each power zone? I think a virtual pacing buddy would be huge!! While I am a decent cyclist I have no idea how to pace myself cycling like I do when I run and now even swim.

Thanks for your consideration

I don’t fully understand what you are looking for.

something like this?

I was picturing from the description something more like this (Strava example), but using Zwift color coding – though being live-updated representation of how much time so far spent in each zone?

Yes!! With real live updates and in Zwift color coding (how it appears in my Garmin Connect App!!)

This should be in the companion app, not on the screen, IMO.


The Dashboard view seems to be repeat a bunch of stuff thats on the Map screen - re-purpose that (well, at least I find it of no use).

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I love this view but I don’t use companion app when I ride. I have zwift on my tv screen and don’t have access to phone…