TDZ Stage 6 results not fully posted in Zwiftpower

I completed TDZ stage 6 today 6hrs ago. Almost all other participants are posted. The results in ZwiftPower only show placing, avg power and avg HR. This also occurred for stage 2. My profile is public. Not sure what is going on.
Fit files upload to Strava and Garmin Connect no problem.
Any help you can provide would be great.
Also, is there a explanation somewhere of all the symbols and colours? i.e. blue/green lightning bolt and the symbol on the far right in grey, green or red

Just had a look - same applies to about 200 others in that ride too. Suggest you wait for 24hrs and see if yours (and others) get populated. I cant see any outstanding processing causing delays but lots of events are having the same issue within hours of their events finishing past few days hence the suggestion to wait a bit.

If details are still missing, hit up Zwift via and provide your userid (or your zwift username - perhaps ref your ZP profile) , zwift event number (1833676) and the details you have mentioned in the post.

The green lightning symbol is live data, blue is fit file. Once your fit file is processed, it goes blue. Yours wont as you need to make your activities public. Live data is not as accurate as your fit file.
Fit file is accurate and is what Strava and Zwift use for published results.

Symbol off to right that looks like a pie is for the power curve (button to view in upper part of screen). You can compare to others by highlighting theirs in green. You can have several peoples power curves up at once.

Thank you for the info :+1:
For the last few weeks my profile has been public, so I’m hoping that will help.
I will be patient for a while longer and then follow your advice if it hasn’t popped up. Thanks for you time!

It should for all activities from when you went public, but Zwiftpower is certainly having a lot more basic issues than it should be so you may have to resort to a support call. Fingers x’ed.