Wrong 15-30,1 min and 5 min data

Hi I rode the Tour de Zwift stage 5 © the 25/1/2021 at 18:00 Copenhagen time. The data there is in Zwift power is incorrect. My garmin, Strava and Training peaks are telling me so, and I know it aswell. Is it possible to update it, because I can see I have broken those records regarding W/kg. I know you have the files from the event, but can they be updated so the real numbers are there. I hold 919 watt for 15 sek. 690 for 30 sek. 442 w for 1 min and 312 for 5 min.
Hope you can help

Yes, this is happening because they haven’t fully processed the event power results. You probably have a green lightning bolt next to the event name in your event list. This means the power numbers in your effort haven’t been through final processing and the numbers are all going to be low. When the bolt goes blue, then numbers will reflect your true effort. Both of the last two Tour de Zwift stages I did, 4 and 5 are still green. I really put some work in on both rides and to not have the right numbers up there is very disappointing. Zwift doesn’t seem to care about getting it right so all we can do is stew about it. So that’s what I’m doing. Well, that and complaining.

Okay thank you I have events from 24/11/2020 where there is still a green lightning bolt on it. I have used “public” when I safed it so I don’t understand it.