Arch colors still buggy after the latest fixes

with the latest update a lot of issues around workouts and Flexible Training Plans was fixed unfortunately there are still some obvious bugs left and one is particularly annoying.
I’ve read that the color of arches’s been fixed but not everywhere.

In the short Sweet Spot workout when doing intervals the first ‘stronger’ yellow part has a yellow arch but the second one which should be green displays a blue arch.

I also noticed that my companion app has issues with proper blocks colors too. When I open details of Endurance workout from the Week 1 of Winter plan the first ramp up is displayed in blue (correctly), but the main block and the ramp down in green (should be blue as well).

Not sure what’s causing it, I was recently manipulating my FTP a lot to adjust but still FTP changes shouldn’t affect how block colors are displayed.


Hi @Marcin_Ksiazek

I can reach out to the team to relay your description of the issues and try to provide you with more information.

As I do this, however, it’s oftentimes helpful if I have screenshots exhibiting the buggy behavior you’ve described. Can I request that you capture a few photos/screenshots as examples of these issues?

If that’s something you can help me out with, I’d appreciate it. Thanks!

@Steven_D for the incorrect color of the arch I can provide you with the exact steps to reproduce. I will try to take a screenshot of the actual arch tomorrow.
You need to pick the ‘SST (Short)’ workout from the ‘Less than 60 minutes to burn’ folder.
For every lower portion of intervals, arches are blue and should be green.

For the second issue I already have everything.
Here’s a couple of screenshots I’ve taken from my Android companion app:

And this is how the same workouts look like in the Mac Zwift client:

Hi @Marcin_Ksiazek

Thank you very much! That’s exactly what I needed.

I flagged up both of your reported workout related issues to a higher tech authority on the team and I’ll let you know once I have more information. Thanks again!

I just did the first interval of this workout as I had never really noticed that the arches were zone related and wanted to see for myself.

So a couple of observations:

  • The workout “blocks” in the upper left of the application show two different yellows instead of yellow and green
  • the interval colours show correctly in CA and onscreen (the lower graph and upper middle HUD display)
  • the yellows and green have changed since I last recall them - not as bright as they used to be. Same for the colours in CA (but might be totally off base with this comment)
  • the arches do represent the two colours I was expecting though though the green arch seems to be filled with blue or at least tinted with it and I’m guessing different screens will resolve the colours a bit differently too.

I wonder if this also relates to the thread that popped up recently from someone who was complaining about colour not matching from the lower in-ride graph to the Rider Result Summary graph shown at the end of the ride. I’ll dig it out later and edit this post.