Workout arch color doesn't match color of workout segment

Actual bug here @shooj and @evan-zwift not just criticism of bad-but-intentional choices.

Some time ago the issue of incorrect color circles for interval workouts was supposedly fixed. This screenshot shows what should be a green circle but it’s blue. The yellow circle later in the workout renders correctly but the one that should be gray is rendered as blue.

Hi @calfzilla
I split your post out from the release note thread.

Q: by “circle” you mean the blue arch across the road, correct?

The “3 of 5” block is interesting because of the significant delta between 195 w and 230 w. Where do 195 watts and 230 watts fall percentage-wise vs your FTP, and for you - does 195 fall into the blue zone / 230 fall into the green?

The delta between 270w and 95w in the 5x block is even more pronounced, and yet that block is shown as yellow (at left). Want to confirm what you saw during this block: was the arch yellow as you went from 95 > 270? And did it remain yellow when going 270 > 95?

What happens if you do a workout that’s a little simpler with one watt target per block? Do the arch colors behave as expected?

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Yes referring to the arch. Called it a circle since it’s rendered as a circle.

195w is Z2 and should be blue, 230w is Z3 and should be green.

The 270w arch that should be yellow is yellow, the 95w arch should be gray but is blue.

It’s been a while since I’ve done a workout with a single block but I think it works correctly. I’ll verify next time I have a chance.

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Thanks, Zwift, for marking this as a known issue. I should point out that it was first raised in 2020. I provided some additional photo evidence in 2023.

Yeah, this is not a new issue. The arches seem to be off on any interval set.

This is definitely NOT a new issue, and in fact I have raise this months ago (as have others)

Forum history…

There have been arch color issues for a long time but in a quasi-recent update (months?) it was noted to have been fixed.

It’s actual pretty now have ridden today on a workout. See attached screenshot. Nothing appears consistent on colouring. Arch colours dont match, centre workout effort doesnt match the workout step colour and the effort bar along the Bottom as doesnt match the workout steps.


So Zwift, when you will address this bug? Top bar today in the spring training workout 5, ramp in watts from 156 to 179 (for me), should have been yellow in colour BUT showing in grey/white