Bug: ZwiftPower - Riders showing as having completed event who did not/quit

Yup, the non-finishers list is the right place for these people.


Ah I’m with you. OK that’s pretty disappointing, its a great tool,shame! :slight_smile:

It really is that simple and I’m surprised that people are having trouble understanding this.

You cannot simply have your cake and eat it on this one and say that it’s correct behaviour that (as now) 3 non-finishers show on the list, while 47 non-finishers do NOT show on the list. Its simply inconsistent and wrong, either way. Either the bug is that 3 of them show, or the bug is that 47 of them do not. Either way… its a bug!

There are plenty of IRL events that are not ‘races’ but still track finishing times and have plenty of participants who compare finishing times with others–treating it in race-like ways. Pick a Fondo, and you’ll find this behavior. And Zwift allows you to track and display finishing times for non-race group rides as an option. So it’s entirely opposite from convention to say that results don’t matter, aren’t important, shouldn’t be expected to be accurate, etc, just because it’s not formally a race.

If the finishing times are being logged, they should be accurate.


Didn’t manage to get any response from the event organiser, unfortunately, and it sounds as though Zwift have no intention on fixing any issues with ZwiftPower, so I guess that I’ll just have to leave this one as unlikely to ever be fixed.