Large negative times in event results


Rode Tour of London Stage 5 (12/22/2019 08:30 EST). After the event was over, the finish time and gap time were very wrong.


zwift-log-20191222.pdf (954.8 KB)


  • Tacx Neo 2T
  • Bluetooth connection
  • PC running Windows 10
  • Zwift version 1.0.43801

Additional info

The activity results in the Zwift companion also shows the bad times.
Thanks. Zwift Power results are also wrong.

I had the same after every stage, if you look at the results post event it is all sorted out correctly. I look at the results in zwiftpower but the Campanion app has them too.

This seems to happen when people join events late. Did either of you join late?

Not in my case, finished about 800 out of 1000

Yep, I did join a few seconds late due to a different bug.

The companion results and ZwiftPower are both wrong.

This happens if you join late, even if it’s a few seconds late and you finish fast. You have to be in the starting area and do the full ride to get a normal result.

Ok. That makes sense to relegate late-comers to last place. But the implementation is a bit strange. Thanks for the answer.

Well in my case I didn’t start late and just finished the full ride as normal. My guess is you are part right as the messed up finish had me further back (late starters in front of me) and after Zwift had done its thing I got moved to my actual position. Now all I need to do is practice loads more get my ftp up so I don’t finish so near the back all the time. :slight_smile: