Wrong turn in group rides [Dec 2022; March 2024]

A friend of mine tried to join the DIRT 100 Mixer this morning. Tried over and over and over during the late join window. Probably 25+ tries. He finally got in just before the 30 minutes was up and then got sent the wrong direction.

This is frustrating!

I’ve been bitten by the late join, wrong direction bug on three Monday 4:30am Pack on three consecutive Mondays. It also sent me in the wrong direction on a Team ZF Tuesday ride. This is extremely frustrating and quite aggravating. Zwift, you must do better!!

If I’m riding at 4:30am and the game sends me the wrong way. Ooof. The calmest reaction that I could give would be the end the ride and go back to bed.

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Its still a default. Just ride a event with late join and I turn after 8km tio another route. There was also another category, but on another course. I hope that it will be fixed soon

Hey, just following up. This phenomenon continues to be an issue. I see it on almost every group ride where people take wrong turns and are riders who late join. Now I no longer late join group rides. I assume you work for zwift (??). Has this issue been identified and is there work being done to remedy? Just wanted to follow up seeing as there are numerous post, which are probably a tiny fraction of those that are writing about it.

the vast majority of forum users are just like you and don’t work for Zwift. @anon99260137 doesn’t work for Zwift either.

I don’t believe I’ve seen this issue get any responses from Zwift.

It has been identified, Zwift are aware of it.

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Yes this has happened to me on late joins as well. 2nd time now. Supper frustrating. Route was Petit Boucle

lack of resources. The Zwift bike fiasco nearly sunk 'em. They are DMW, imo, but I don’t see a viable indoor alternative - yet.

For the past two weeks it appears that late joiners to our Monday morning HCC wellness ride at 06:30am pst and get sent off to ventoux when they join our r.g.v route . I checked one of the riders and saw they were somewhere else but they could still participate in our chat . I believe they get sent on a random detour when we hit the vineyards and go right . I haven’t heard riders comment up until 2 weeks ago and we have been riding this route for almost a year .

Just to follow up again still seeing this regularly on our social ride.

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Late join caused me to make a wrong turn as well. I’m seeing forums dating back to 2017 stating this same issue.

TdZ Stage 8 - Scotland Cat-A Ride: wrong turn after joining about one minute late. (still well within the lead-in)

ATV4K 2022 and Android Companion both up to date. Warped into a pack following Coco until first turn when Coco went left, I went right. Screenshots shortly after joining, then shortly after wrong-way turn:

Note mini-map - others had same issue.

EDIT - I kept riding and, oddly, eventually got credit for the stage ride at the 39.5km mark. (of a 32km stage) I’ll link to the activity file in a bit.

Here’s the ride: The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App

Of note: the distance countdown to the :checkered_flag: keep hitting “zero”, then going back to a non-zero number. I didn’t make any manual turns (before the finish message at 39.5km). Seems like there was SOME kind of background counter ticking away, counting my laps, however wrong they were.

NOTE: If you’re looking at my log, I did make manual turns after the stage finish message, to burn off some extra distance.

@James_Zwift : is the programming team aware of this bug, and do they need more data or know what the root cause is? (EDIT 2 - OK, I see Gerrie mentioned in a previous comment above ZHQ is aware…)

Edited for clarity.


I think that’s the exact spot, also A ride, where I saw someone peel off on Friday (not Wed like I originally said…forgetting my days).

And I late joined a C ride yesterday (so I could free ride the map after :smiley:). Late joined I think 1.5 to 2 min late, but followed the pack all the way. Has anyone been able to track down any correlations with this bug?


I’m not saying this is the reason, but it is a Figure 8 route where you can turn either direction at that intersection.

Lots of people turned different ways on my ride today and yesterday and someone pointed out that it depended on where you were on the route.

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The instance I saw was the first time the pack reached that turn. I think that’s still in the lead-in, but I could be wrong about that. It was very early, so early that I would be really skeptical that it was someone who had lapped the group already.

EDIT: In fact, the route doesn’t even go up that road in that direction. The route only comes back down that road in the opposite direction.

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I just edited my post above–the shot you posed of you heading back up towards the corkscrew castle climb? The route never goes up that road in that direction. In only comes down the road in the opposite direction.

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