Wrong turn in group rides [Dec 2022; March 2024]

Is that why that button is there in the Companion App?


*cackles* Nice.

(FYI: I consolidated my two replies for clarity)

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Something odd about the route for stage 8 on Saturday 3pm. Sure it sent me the wrong way then said route complete when was only mid way and now still doesn’t recognised that I completed the stage.

Anyone else have this issue?

I noticed a guy tear off in the wrong direction during the lead-in of the Cat A Stage 8 on Wed. Bunch made a left turn, he went straight. It was the lead-in, so no way he was done already or far enough ahead to have lapped us.

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Ride Scotland, 10:00 GMT. I joined late, got pedal assist as usual, rode over the Sgurr, down to the North roundabout and was then sent of East to the Tower instead of back over the Sgurr. No option to change route. I carried on round the route, went through Glasgow and then the route selection buttons appeared. I turned North over the Sgurr, down to the North roundabout, back up over the Sgurr, down to the South roundabout and back up the Sgurr again. I was then awarded the correct route badge.

Thanks everyone - I’ve flagged this with our team for review.


This just to add that it happened for me as well. I late joined in TdZ stage 8 and joined Miguel (IIRC) before the end of the lead in. I have the log file if needed.

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USMES Morning BtW ride, had riders doing random turns all over this morning on the two villages route, including the beacons!
0830EST ride

Yes…what He Said!! We were all over the map, It was like the ride engine was making random turn decisions for every other rider at turn intersections. This was supposed to be the Two Villages route.

I can hear the squealing already, but might it be an idea to switch off Late Join while this problem exists?

We’re looking at it.


I did Tour De Zwift stage 1 today at 17:30 and turned right when everyone turned left during the lead in, I didn’t join late. Please look into this.

Thanks. Yeah, I hadda wrong turn again after joining ‘ride scotland’ group ride 5 mins late

Yeah, I know :confused:

We’re looking at this at a high priority level.


Are undersized maps taking the fall for bad programming? I’ve run into the issue in multiple worlds so probably not but still funny to see this idea from you.

No, we think this is lead in based.

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Probably while they have switched to lead-free paints. Creates all sorts off issues especially if you eat it.

Just had the issue as well on a Dirt badge hunt ride and it happened even though I started on time about 18 minutes into the ride. Then rejoined and at the first intersection I was split off the group again.

So issue seems to not only affect when rejoining.

Let me know if you need more info.

I have had my Zwifter (Avatar) turn the wrong way during three group rides in a row on three different recent dates, Feb 11, 12, 19, 2023. The common thread for the rides is that I late joined. The first ride after these three that I tried, also on Feb 19, I logged in and got on the trainer five minutes early and did an easy spin until the start and I had no wrong turn issues for this group ride. Has anyone else had issues like this with late join recently?

Late joining does seem to be the cause of wrong route turns since the first January update, ZwiftHQ removed late joining from their official events around early February because of it, but community event creators were free to risk allowing late join still.