Wrong turn in group rides [Dec 2022; March 2024]

Thanks for your reply Steve.

Joined (30 secs late) a group ride today (on London Classic Reverse) and didnt follow the group - was meant to turn where indicated.

Today I also encountered this bug while racing in the ‘Chasing Tour | Chasing d’Azur - Stage 3’ cat B event (zwiftpower event zid=3504079). Mind that this is a race, so late joining is not the issue here. After the lead-in and during the first lap, we climbed the KOM Reverse. I was the only rider to ride straight ahead at the junction, all the other riders took the left turn descending to the finish line.

Received a reply from the Support team:

Upon researching, I found out it is a well-known issue GMPLAY-2653 that our Zwifters are experiencing, now we are diligently working on it. You can continue visiting our Zwift Forum ​ ​periodically for any updates.

@shooj given it has a bugID, can/should this now be moved to known issues?

So much for that ride


Certainly still happening.
Watched it during a GIANT Thursday ride last night; I presume the rider late joined right at the start.

Three Village Loop; exit the pens to the right heading roughly towards Neokyo. Rider continued straight on at the left hander before the rice fields / after the sprint.

Was able to even go into spectator and watch them continue on straight towards the Neokyo intersection until they left; so it wasn’t the visual glitch, but… just never turned.

Just wanting to report that it’s certainly still happening.

Tonight it happened to one of our riders, once again on an AppleTV. We were on Magnificent 8 tonight.
User auto joined the pens when it auto sucks you in, so roughly 5 minutes I presume before ride start.

They got turned around in first 20 minutes or so, rejoined, and it did it to them again the next lap around in a different spot.

I’d really hate to see some folks get slapped with this issue come ZRL season, which is right around the corner…

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Happened to me twice in the last week.
Once when doing the ttt, the next when riding with a pace partner.
Using apple tv

Not to be constantly nagging on this thread unless I have any more details.

Happened again… on… Tempus Fugit of all things believe it or not. We lost a rider, also AppleTV user.

I told him to ensure he finished the ride, which he did. Weirdest part? I don’t even find his ride on the activity log anywhere, it’s like he wasn’t even there.

He was chatting with us for the entire ride, and because of this I told him to make sure he completed the ride and that it got uploaded; so he did.

Ride doesn’t even show up in my friend’s activity feed.
So I find that rather peculiar.

In fact, quick follow up; I chased down his activities in Companion, and it says he hasn’t ridden since May!
I realize this could be privacy settings now.

HOWEVER, it does still show he rode and completed the ride with us in ZwiftPower…
Don’t want to say the riders’ name publicly, but can share their name/ID for the team to dig deeper.


Was he a late join, can’t remember ?
It feels like the route turn sequence and start point are mis-aligned, but then there are so many other posibilities that affect Group Rides (for mainly Apple TV users ? ) that doesn’t seem to affect Bot ride joins and that Teleport doesn’t seem to break route selection either ?

He did not, no.

But another thing I forgot to look at on ZP yesterday; lag-o-meter.
ZP showed him at a 26s lag, stating “no data for 11 seconds”

Although he never actually mentioned not seeing anyone at any point in the ride (well until he went off course that is), and there’s no way to know for sure when exactly that happened either.

But … it still doesn’t make sense to me. If you join a group ride set to Tempus Fugit, why would the route ever change in the first place? You should be stuck on Tempus until you end your ride and return to main menu (or return to free roam and change your own path)

We’re looking into riders taking incorrect turns, regardless of whether or not they late joined.

There were a couple in one of the Women’s Racing Series events yesterday.



The same thing happened to me the other night. Tour de Zwift, Stage 5, A-route. At the first turn, everyone went left and Zwift made me go right. I just said the heck with it and just kept riding. Zwift eventually said I completed the stage, but I had to ride 43 miles and climb 4,800 ft rather than the actual route of 30 miles and 3,000 ft climbing. I think it made me go over the pass the wrong way one extra time right at the beginning when it made me turn in the wrong direction.

At 5:15 PDT, I joined a “Big Spin” event, in Group B, I had no issues at the start: I was able to see other riders in the same group. However, about 5 miles in, I was automatically sent to a different route. Instead of the Greater London Flat, I was routed on (I think) some version of the London 8, which is a much steeper route. At this point, I was nearly halfway through the original route’s distance, so I buckled down for a harder ride than planned, and just hoped that finishing the new route would count. I rode about 11.5 miles, hoping that when I got near to the original finish line, it might send me back to the main route. No luck: I filled the route distance meter and even rode near the original start point, but the app never counted my route as finished, so I got no credit for the event. It’s clear that I was still in some kind of event mode, because the HUD had a “quit event” button, and it still associates the ride with the event even though I never got a wheel spin or anything. Has anyone else encountered this recently? The last similar bug reports are over a year old, I think

I’m afraid rerouting is a phenomenon that sometimes occurs.

Post event there’s nothing that can be done I’m afraid.

Your only option is to ride it again.

Ride On!

Attempting the first race in the zwift games in Cat C, I was sent in the wrong direction towards the end of the first lap. It’s happened to me twice in two separate races at exactly the same point. Please help. I really want to complete this course.

Hi @Ali_Afshar, welcome to the forums.

I assume that late join is turned off for these races, but that is one common cause if you are in fact late joining the ride. Other things that can cause this is being logged into multiple devices at one time (ipad and a pc for example).

Make sure your device running Zwift is fully updated too.

Let us know if any of those suggestions help with your issue.

Thanks Mike,

I didn’t join late and I have only 1 device (Windows) with the companion app on my phone. I’ll check the update in the morning.

I’m quite hesitant to try the race again in case it happens a third time - sorry to be dramatic, but it pretty much ruins my day :sweat_smile:

this happened to be as well. Also on the first zwift stage/race games 2nd of March. I was also directed in the wrong way or made a “shortcut” but was still “in the race” and was able to complete the race.
Also happend on a group ride were I took the “wrong turn” and that should not be possible either. Was not able to make a U-turn either so I just skipped theride.

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