wrong turns during group rides

(James Keyzer) #1

Out of my last 3 group rides twice the program took a wrong turn and not follow the rest of the group

(Jason K) #2

We’re currently investigating this issue, so please send us your logs. Thanks!

(michael wong) #3

I joined a group ride late and zwift didn’t turn with the group for me automatically –

on the 22nd last week –



(Scott D (CRCC)) #4

This has happened to me and people I know lots of times now.

It happened to me at the start of a group ride yesterday and this morning I was doing the Fondo ride with two friends and mid ride one turned the wrong way and got stuck doing loops of the hilly circuit.

I love the group rides but this is getting really frustrating now!!

(Manuel Ipunkt) #5

Experienced the same today. 


(Shawn Benjamin) #6

It happened to me in the middle of a group ride.