Not following group after rejoining a ride

I joined the TGIF ride tonight.  After a few minutes my computer froze, but I blame my machine for that.  I restarted the computer, reloaded Zwift, and rejoined the ride.  My jersey changed to the group jersey, I landed in the pack near the leader.

At the first turn the group encountered after I rejoined, the group made the turn but I went straight.

I got out of Zwift, restarted, and rejoined the ride again.  Again I did not turn when the group turned.

I have rejoined group rides in the past with no problems.

This has happened to myself and others. When you rejoin after a crash Zwift gets the first corner wrong. You end up having to do a U turn and manually turning. Then all subsequent automatic turns are correct. I would assume Zwift are aware of this bug.

Hi Tom!

I’m sorry you experienced this. We have this a fix for this bug, and it will be released in the next game update.

This has also happened to me numerous times, very frustrating. Can you advise when the fix will be released as i have found posts on here that date back to November 2016  describing the same problem