rejoining event module

Hi i was the leader of zzrc group today and i had an internet crash, when i rejoined i still had the beam,  but could not text the group, i also could not see their texts? can this be resolved at all?

Hi Bruverjohn,

Looks like you found a bug, unfortunately. We will look into this and try and make sure that ride leaders can rejoin events properly should they experience a technical problem.

Hi Bruverjohn,

You said you had an internet crash and rejoined, can you please confirm what steps you took when that happened? Did you exit the game and relaunch it after your internet reconnected to rejoin the game, or wait for the game to reconnect itself? When you did reconnect, were you able to see any other riders on the course at all besides the event group, or any messages from players outside the event?


I had something similar yesterday for a group ride on the London course. Joined the event and warmed up with others at the start gate, but realised that it was my first ride for two weeks and my PC clock was probably wrong. Checked and it was out by 28 seconds so I corrected without leaving Zwift, but not looking at the Zwift external display, just using the laptops screen to correct the time. With the time set I looked back at the Zwift screen to see that I was the only rider shown and with just a few minutes to go before the ride start. Exited Zwift, logged in again, event module showed that I was already going to the event but the the auto join popup did not make me join the start area, clicking the manual Join button also had no affect. logged out again, restarted Zwift but the event had now started and I was not part of it.

The PC is on a wired network with the internet radio playing throughtout so I do not think it was a network problem


Hi D C,

Switching your computer’s clock is unlikely to be the cause of what you saw in the event paddock. It sounds like you had a connection interruption despite your wired connection, which resulted in you not seeing any other riders in the event paddock. It is also possible that you were not reloaded into the paddock on your second attempt because there was not enough time to load your avatar before the event start, or due to another bug.

In either case, it would be great if you could open a support ticket and provide both the game log files for those two instances so we can further investigate and try to confirm what occurred.