You're Gonna Think I'm Lying!!

I’m relatively new, so everything is a learning experience. I started off with my first FTP test in the afternoon, scheduled it so I would have some recovery time to join the social group ride that went off in the evening.

I’m lined up/warming up at :15 after the hour.  I’ve got the group jersey on so I know I’m good.  When the ride starts I immediately take an unexpected/uninitiated U-turn toward the end of the pier.  I keep riding expecting another U-turn to happen, but it doesn’t, I go crashing through the pier and into the water.  I’m under water pedaling in circles and all these achievements start appearing, apparently I moved to the next level.  I kept pedaling in circles for a while expecting something to happen and it doesn’t, I have to shut down Zwift and restart it.  When Zwift restarts the group ride is gone and I’m on the side of the road…IS THIS NORMAL??

This item was in the released notes for the updated you pushed out today: 

  • Smoothed out some transitions of cyclists on watopia event piers

I didn’t see any smoothing out when I was under water pedaling in circles.  You might want to take a look at the code…I think you have a bug :wink:

See, you think I’m lying but I’m not…

Sounds like a plot line for a very scary Stephen King novel :slight_smile:

No this isn’t normal and it’s never happened to me. Sounds like your down arrow key is stuck on your keyboard. 

Not likely, if that where the case when I restarted Zwift it would have continued to do U-turns.

Link to Strava activity?  Maybe make a reverse pier exit segment #KOM!

It didn’t save off the water ride!

Never experienced this but there are reports of similar activity in the past. Rare, but clearly real.

Hi Steven, 

We’d love your game logs! Can you email them to I’ll keep an eye out for them!