Stages/segments feedback

(Beth Sutton) #1

Just did my second Zwift beta PC ride, have a couple more points regarding stages/segments:

When you finish a stage and Zwift shows you your position in the segment, it would be nice to know how many people that’s out of.

I’m a bit confused as the leaderboard positions that flash up on screen while I’m doing a stage don’t seem to correspond with the position that shows up when I finish the segment - is one of them out of just current riders and one is all time?

It would be nice to know where Strava segments on the course start and finish, by having an option to show these on screen - I think it should be optional as there are quite a few so you might not want to see this info all the time, especially when you’ve learned where they are. At the moment it’s quite difficult to work out from the map!

(simon orange) #2

AFAIK the strava link is one way - ie you can upload your ride. Zwift doesn’t read segments from strava.

there are only 3 ‘official’ zwift leaderboards.

overall lap time
KOM (last 400m or so of the climb) - nice polka jersey
sprint (about 1 or 200m near the bottom of the hill) - green sprint jersey

Personally I don’t want zwift cluttered up with loads (any?) strava segments including some tiny useless ones…there are already way too many of them IMO - both clockwise and anti-clockwise.

obviously an option to have them displayed or not would satisfy us both :slight_smile:

on the ‘official’ zwift leaderboards riders drop off after a while - so these are not ‘all time’ leaderboards. I think the balance on this is quite good - especially for us british riders as the leaderboards are a bit kinder at the kind of times we ride :slight_smile: