Strava Segments

Can you Zwift guys moderate the segments created on strava?  Id really love it if there were only segments that actually make sense like a simple sprint prime or KOM, or Lap.   There are so many, Ive lost interest in even looking at them anymore.   I realize that strava is not your domain, but maybe a word to them about restricting segments to private besides the ones you’ve created?  

I agree that Strava’s presentation of Segments from Zwift are a bit nonsensical – too many to wade through. The PR’s and other awards seem wrong, too. I’m old and slow but they constantly say I’m 2nd or 3rd on various segments when I know that’s nonsense.

My impression is that Strava is extremely casual about rankings – from time-to-time I’ve followed some of Strava’s competitions and it’s obvious, often, that the leaders are cheating but Strava posts them, anyway. 

Dana - Strava will indicate several different types of “awards.” If the 2nd and 3rd you are seeing are gold circles, then it means your personal 2nd/3rd best times. If it is a white trophy with gold outline, then it’s your leaderboard ranking for the current year, and if it’s a solid gold trophy, then it’s your leaderboard ranking all time. Not all unreasonable to constantly see 2nd/3rd best times on many segments. 

There should be an IQ test on Strava which prevents people creating segments if they are stupid.

It would be great if Strava & Zwift were able to arrange for only official sections to be created as it annoys me all the silly ones which don’t really mean anything.

In Strava, just hide the ones you dont like and add a star to the correct ones. Make a note / screenshot of your lap, sprint and kom times then match them to segments (so you can select the most accurate). You can just bin the rest or keep a few for other parts of the course.

I highly doubt Strava is ever going to change this. It’s no different on regular rides after all. A century ride in my vicinity can easily make me go through roughly 750 segments, of which many overlap.

Favor a few segments, and put your focus on those. Ignore the rest.

Thanks guys.  Never thought of that.

I did some digging and think I’ve confirmed this: Strava Premium does allow me to click on a segment and see all Zwift segment times back to the creation of the segment. BUT… It seems that around mid-summer 2015, all segments were deleted and new ones created (some exactly the same (like the full island lap) but many deleted, many new, and most similar but not exactly the same). Easiest example is the Watopia Wall. On my June 10th ride it was 0.2mi with 7% climb from 20’-114’. But now it’s 0.2mi with 7% climb from 35’-114’ and it appears it starts a tad earlier in the full climb. This is reflected in best times (by you and me for this example) being different for what’s called the Watopia Wall. We both show diff PR’s between the 2 halves of the year and into '16. This frustrates me to no end as I need to open two windows, open the current ride, and also choose any Zwift ride prior to July '15 to try to match segments and compare times. Am I correct?

The sections weren’t deleted.  What happened was that Strava in their wisdom stopped people classing Zwift rides as Cycling and now force you to have them classified as Virtual Rides.

If you want all your old times to show up on new leaderboards change the ride type on them to Virtual Ride.

I don’t particularly mind wading through all of the bogus segments and hiding them. However, it would be nice to have official segments that correspond to the laps, sprints, and KOMs on Zwift. Many of the “ZwiftBlog verified” segments seem pretty accurate (though not the Epic KOMs), but it seems to me that someone from Zwift would be best able to pinpoint exactly where the official segments start and end.

Just the option to switch off none official segments for me please: climbs, sprints, laps.

There are not a lot of official KOM’s laps and sprints in game. Most dont have exactly corresponding Strava segments at all. Wish they did. Also wish they had clearer start lines. Just wishes but I am in love with Zwift as it is. There was a time we stared at walls riding bikes indoors.