Clear out Strava Segments

This has probably been brought up before but the number of segments in the various worlds is completely out of control. It’s so bad, it’s hard to even find the “official” Zwift segements in a post-ride review in Strava. I recently did a race on Watopia which was one flat lap + a volcano lap and it had well over 100 “visible” segments in my Strava file and 473 hidden segments. It is so out of control that the Zwift Volcano KOM was not even in the visible segments, but was among the 473 hidden segments. Also, there are tons of ridiculously short segments, like under 30 seconds.

I agree. If that’s possible. What everyone can help out with is hiding/unhiding segments as appropriate. If enough people hide the stupid segments they will be hidden by default.

There are no official Zwift segments on Strava, but there are ZwiftInsider Verified segments. You can hid all unwanted segments, but I agree there are entirely too many segments.


I agree, but it isn’t a Zwift thing. It’s a Strava thing. Any random person can create their own segment, so now we have this absurd quantity of segments. It would take Strava locking down segment creation in order to get it back under control. I’ve gotten to where i pretty much ignore segments on Zwift rides.

I realize that, but Zwift and Strava have a partnership and likely could come to an agreement that Strava users aren’t allowed to create their own segments in Zwift. Ideally, Zwift could create their own segments like KOM’s on all hills, all sprint segments, all route laps, etc and there would only be 20-30 segments per ride instead of 500.


Big donkey balls to that idea. I should absolutely be able to create segments that are meaningful to me.

The only issue is people creating public segments. A better solution would be that people can only create private virtual cycling segments, while ZHQ (or Eric Schlange) can create public ones.

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If you want to ensure that you see the ZwiftInsider “official” segments, then make sure you set that as a favourite segment in Strava, then it will always show up. And as has been said, hide the rubbish so that eventually Strava stops showing it.

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Fair enough. That would be a good solution.

Yeah, that’s never going to happen. Strava just aren’t interested. You only have to look at certain real-life roads and the amount of segments on them to see it’s not only a problem with Zwift rides.

For example, I agree there’s too many Box Hill segments on Zwift. But if you take a look at the IRL Box Hill climb, there’s WAY more (hundreds!) and most of them are almost exact duplicates of every other one. If Strava won’t clean those obvious ones up, then they’re never going to do the same on Zwift. A shame, but that’s how it is unfortunately.

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