Swift needs to take control of Strava segments

The number of segments that folks have created on Strava is now out of control. It would be great if the obvious segments were available on Strava: KOM, Sprint, Full Lap … 10K, 20K & 40K? But all the other stuff has to go. Perhaps there’s a way for Zwift to exclusive control of Zwift related Strava segments? It sure would clean things up.

or use the hide feature in strava.

Hiding the segments is one solution to limiting the overwhelming number of segments. Don’t you think it would be good to see that segments Zwift creates on course? It seems to me that Zwift will grow largely through awareness that is built with Strava, they’d be wise to try to control the Strava side of their message.

People create all kinds of segments for all kinds of reasons. I wouldn’t want to see that ability limited. I WOULD like to see people use more discretion when creating segments, which is a problem throughout Strava, not just with Zwift. Users hiding essentially crowdsources the segments that should be prioritized. IMO segment proliferation is hardly the biggest issue with Zwift/Strava. Effectively filtering the grossly inaccurate results should be their first priority (which I doubt will happen, since Strava has yet to do this for ‘rides’ that were obviously done in a car).

+1 million on that… delete them all and only put ones that make sense.

+100 Delete all the user created Strava segments and restrict to Zwift official only. I don’t bother looking at Strava anymore for exactly this reason

But how can Zwift control Strava? Zwift does not own Strava. Strava is an open community. Unless Zwift flagged every user’s ride when they created a segment, I don’t see how this could be done. Plus, even if they did this, Strava could overrule. I just hide the ones I don’t want to see and that has worked out great. I only have at the most 5 segments showing up on each lap.

It is also my understanding (not confirmed) that Strava uses the hidden segment option to prioritize the segments, so the more of us hiding segments the more likely those segments will move off the list.

As a paying premium Strava user, I don’t want anyone or anything limiting the segments I can create. It would be a very bad precedent, IMHO. Segments one person may consider “useful” or “essential” aren’t necessarily view the same by others.

I do wish we could get rid of the trolls who are creating non-sensical segments just to irritate everyone else…but while one user might want a 40k segment, another might want a 40 mile segment. To each his own.

As others have suggested, start using the HIDE function to cast your vote for which segments are worthwhile. As with most things in life, your vote is your voice.

The ones that make sense to who? Ones that make sense to you don’t necessarily make sense to someone else. You already have the option to hide the ones you don’t like and view the ones that “make sense”. Use it.

I agree that there are far too many segments and hope that Zwift builds out their own in-game version as the shorter Strava segments are not precise enough to compare efforts.

Strava is its own thing and Zwift shouldn’t control or own those segments. I like the idea of the users creating what they feel are the important segments (in fact, there are 2 signs on course that have user created strava segments labelled so you know where they start). As annoying as it is, use the hide feature and hopefully the the best stuff floats to the top. It’s the only way strava can possibly police the millions of segments that must be in their database.

BTW, rumor has it Jarvis island is the busiest place in all of Strava.