Too many segments now?

I think that there are too many segments now in the Island’s Strava loop. This happens in the real world as well where someone puts in a segment that doesn’t quite start/end where someone else thinks it should and they then put in an almost identical one. Also there are a few that are maybe not really needed?

Maybe Zwift could look over them and even have a short open question to see which ones people find the most useful then come to some agreement with Strava to remove the clutter then either lock it from future segments or only allow users to enter private ones for their own use.

That is the Strava Effect™ .

I agree!

I agree

Just hide the ones you don’t want to see.

While I agree that the segments are getting very cluttered, Zwift has no control over the Strava segments. The are created by Strava users. As a premium Strava member, I would be highly pissed if Strava arbitrarily went through and deleted segments I took the time to create. It would be a very bad precedent, IMHO.

As someone else suggested, if you want to shorten the list, hide the ones you don’t want to see. That way you can have what you want without infringing on what someone else may prefer to view.

I know what you mean Greg but I could make an exception on Zwift courses.
I know we can hide them ourselves but I wouldn’t mind Zwift and Strava coming together and keeping these tidy.
Maybe allowing us to all suggest the best segments then put in the best ones and let us have our own private ones as well.

Agree with Greg. Making exceptions or top-down editing sets a bad precedent. Besides, if this were commonplace us New Yorker’s wouldn’t have gems like these:

Going Down on P*rnstar:

Bye Bye Balls:

Looking at the segments now I really would like it to be closer. The problem is that Zwift is a short circuit and every time you look at a new ride there seems to be new segments with some silly ones the last few days.
I wouldn’t want Strava to do this with normal rides but I would like for this as it is a fantastic training tool and works well between the two platforms.

Or how about limiting the characters that can be used in the title? For example, this new segment…

“Surely 1 WU + 2 Hotlaps = 3 laps and not 2 like some idiot thinks, also not worth having as doesn’t apply to most section matches. What about your 4th, 5th & 6th laps which don’t include warmup???”

Do we really need to have all that as a title? The OCD in me cringes every time I see it on someone’s log.

Do everyone a favour and hide those segments. Strava keeps track of the number of times a segment gets hidden, and will stop showing them when enough people choose to hide them. It’s basically a voting system. So go vote!

Another solution is simply don’t become a douche bag and create a bunch of stupid segments with the sole intent of annoying all other users, as is happening now…

I logged in yesterday and “hide” everything except those matter to me. Job done.

Whilst riding on Zwift, is there an easy way to spot Strava segments?

Strava should get a handle on over-segmenting things.  When I add a segment on Strava, it usually pops up a similar segment already created.  I usually defer to the originally created segment unless there’s some egregious problem with it (such as ending a fast segment too close to an intersection).

BUT for ZWIFT, and their courses, the situation is unique.  Basically a closed course.  Zwift and Strava seem to have a nice partnership.  I’m sure they could come up with the best list of segments and close segment creation on Zwift only rides.  Certainly an option to recommend a segment to Strava would be open.  Zwift could add segments as needed - such as if they add a new Sprint or climb.

This would clear the clutter I think.