Strava Segments insider approved


(Velibor Dokic) #1

I have small suggestion.
We all zwift and then look into Strava to see how we did.
I personally would love to see Zwift makes new segments ( like they usually do INSIDER APROVED ) For instance London Loop, and reversed and all options in every world we have as segment.
So if I do Four Horsmen in Watopia it would be really cool to have Strava segment to look at? Right?
And that’s for every others course as well :slight_smile:
Hope ppl like my idea and that segments will be in place soon :slight_smile:

Best regards

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #2

There are no Zwift Official segments on Strava, those are ZwiftInsider (a separate entity created segments.

(Velibor Dokic) #3

Is that one person responsible for that or can anyone do it?
It’s just sweet if someone who takes it seriously to do it proper :wink:

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #4

You can create your own segment if you choose.

(Kevin) #5

The major routes have Zwift Insider segments. You can find them from here

Note that Strava has its own limits of segments which prevented a single Four Horseman Segment (Zwift Insider broke it into 3 segments).