Strava Segments insider approved

I have small suggestion.
We all zwift and then look into Strava to see how we did.
I personally would love to see Zwift makes new segments ( like they usually do INSIDER APROVED ) For instance London Loop, and reversed and all options in every world we have as segment.
So if I do Four Horsmen in Watopia it would be really cool to have Strava segment to look at? Right?
And that’s for every others course as well :slight_smile:
Hope ppl like my idea and that segments will be in place soon :slight_smile:

Best regards

There are no Zwift Official segments on Strava, those are ZwiftInsider (a separate entity created segments.

Is that one person responsible for that or can anyone do it?
It’s just sweet if someone who takes it seriously to do it proper :wink:

You can create your own segment if you choose.

The major routes have Zwift Insider segments. You can find them from here

Note that Strava has its own limits of segments which prevented a single Four Horseman Segment (Zwift Insider broke it into 3 segments).

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