Proper Strava Segments

I’m not sure if this has been done but it doesn’t seem like it. Can someone from Zwift  make Strava Segments that match the actual courses within Zwift. Example, the kom climbs, the sprints, the entire lap. When it’s uploaded to Strava the time I get in Zwift should match the time on Strava. There is so many segments that people have made and none of them are correct.

You can make your own segments and hide those that you don’t like.

see this post.

Zwiftblog has some “Verified” segments that should be close:

Zwift really can’t control how and who makes the segments on Strava.

Thanks. I didn’t know about the verified segments I will look those up and star them.

I just figured that Zwift would have better capabilities to make segments that match way better than us making segments and looking at a map and guessing the start and finish