Strava deletes all zwift segments except for zwift insider verified ones

Looks like today Strava has gone ahead and deleted every single zwift segment that was not a zwift insider verified segment. Go ahead, take a look at your rides, they will be very bare of segments. All this without even notifying us or providing an explanation. :((

(Note that this is not about the April 2020 purge of segments, this is a new, much more drastic purge that just happened in January 2021).

Might not please everyone but I’d be happy for this. Does my head in seeing a million pointless segments.


I agree.

Yes, good move, to much useless Zwift segments on Strava.

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I’m seeing multiple rides in my Strava feed from the last couple of hours w/non-ZwiftInsider segments. However, it does look like some mass house cleaning has been done.

Personally, I had already hidden all the non ZwiftInsider segments. They were mostly garbage and/or redundant.


I do think ZwiftInsider need to define more segments now though. Looking at the NYC TDZ Stage 5 ride last night there’s now two segments on a 40km ride, that seems too few. There doesn’t even seem to be a segment for the in-ride green jersey sprint segment

Yeah, this is way too rigourous. I’m no fan of thousands of segments, but rather that than this.

Rode Mountain 8 yesterday, only three segments left:

-Entire route
-Radio Tower climb
-Forward sprint (no sprint in this race, so useless)

Nothing for the Epic KOM, uphill or downhill. Nothing for the sprint at the finish. Nothing in between. What if I want to know and compare my time for Epic KOM + Radio Tower to others? What if I want to know how much watts I was still able to push out after the Radio Tower to the finish?

This way there’s hardly anything to go for to try to improve except the full effort for the entire route.

My fun is gone.

They should assign someone to make useful segments and that’s something totally different than Zwift Insider making a few segments for mostly official timings.


bring back " i think this is where anakin fell in" !!!


This is something that Strava should have done a long time ago.


@Gerrie_Delport_ODZ That’s the article from 9 months ago where they cut down on the amount of segments, removing about 30-40% of them, which I completely supported.

The cull done last night has removed ALL of the segments apart from the ZwiftInsider ones - you’ve gone from 60-70 segments on a ride to just 2 or 3*, which is complete overkill. There was plenty of options to do a halfway house of just cutting back on segments without completely wiping the slate clean.

*in fact I’ve got plenty of 30-40 mile rides where I now have no segments matched at all, because I did manual turns (so nothing matched a course) and didn’t go through a sprint banner or anything like that.


you can still create your own segments, but they will be private.

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Yes @Steven_Robinson that article is old, but as we talked about it at that time it sounded like it would be what just happened.

Now is a good time for Zwift to check that all the important segments are listed. There should be one for every route KOM and Sprint.

No segments at all on the Innsbruck KOM After Party route now. At least, not showing on my Strava.

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Insider article said strava was looking at segment engagement to judge popularity and which would be hidden and which would stay. so clearly they should have seen that there were segments that people thought were important. to get rid of all of them is just foolish. i agree now they should build official ones for every route, kom, sprint etc, but what about other important sections, like final 1k before pier finish line etc? jungle climb? first pitch of epic kom to get to bridge? these were important and worth comparing efforts across time


some sprint segments are too short to get a reasonable segment, some of the 7-8 second ones

This has never worked right on Strava

Most of the time I had, and still have, to unhide Zwift Insider Verified segments all the time, while bogus segments that no one would ever consider looking at were visible.

But if you go on a random exploration ride and don’t happen to go through a sprint banner or don’t do the full length of a timed climb (very easy to do), then it means you can ride for hours on Zwift and not match a single segment.

There are plenty of areas on the map (especially Watopia) where it is good to compare times to yourself/others that won’t ever be covered by the ZwiftInsider segments.


Not sure I’ve ever seen a 7-8 second green jersey segment, the ones last night were being taken in a race in 17 seconds or so. IRL the GPS on that might be dodgy, but in Zwift, should be 100%. If they are going to have a sprint jersey, it’s good to be able to see where that sprint ranks all time not just in-game. And as for the fact there are now KOMs without segments, that’s bonkers.

Strikes me that this is done to force people to race more, because now real races and ZwiftPower are your only place to test yourself against others.

It’s like when do you Ventoux in real life, but because of bad weather stop at Chalet Reynard and go down again you will get zero segments on your ride because someone decided it’s a really good idea to only allow a segment for the full climb.


Remember that Strava still allows you to create your own segments, but they will be visible only to you and, therefore, I would think you could only compare against your other times, as opposed to that of others. Hopefully this will provide some solace.

It does seem odd that this was done without any notice, though. At least none that I saw.

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