Segment leaderboards on Strava, can't see my friends times?

Hi there,

I’ve started the premium Strava subscription following the changes.

When doing a ride on Zwift and viewing the segments, the only Leaderboards are All Time, This Year and Today. I can’t see any for friends/followers?

Anyone know why?

Noticed that too. It’s not related to zwift though. Happens for all segments.

It’s one of the main things I used to use strava for.

Edit: I see that on the browser version you get that option but not on the app (anymore).

It’s been made a premium feature. For rides I’ve recorded on my Wahoo Roam and then uploaded to Strava I can see segments and all leaderboard options that we’re always there. But for Zwift rides it’s only the ones mentioned above.

Appreciate it may not be a Zwift issue was just curios. I can go in to a friends rode and look at their segments manually but that’s very time consuming.

I’m a subscriber too. Ah, you seem to be correct. I hadn’t noticed that it stills works for outside rides (its been a while lol). Very weird that the followers leaderboard doesn’t work in the strava app for virtual rides now.

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