Makuri Village Sprint Reverse not logged on Zwiftpower [SOLVED]

In Makuri, 3 of the 4 sprints are recorded as ZP segments (Countryside Sprint & Reverse, and Village Sprint) but not the Village Sprint Reverse.

There doesn’t seem to be a segment created for it in Zwiftpower. Having seen the anomaly occur twice in Sprintapalooza events, this may be more noticeable in the community after next week’s ZRL race, which uses the two reverse segments.

At present, it’s likely that only the Countryside Sprint Reverse will be present for FAL & FTS on ZP (I appreciate official results will be via WTRL & Zwift, my feedback relates to ZP presence and a menu area in ZP for the missing segment leader board).

Thank you, can see this segment has now been added in the time since ZRL Premier League went through - initially empty of data and would hope it’ll be working when new events start to go through.

Had issues with this for our club run race at the weekend, not heard back from Zwift about my support ticket but it does seem to be populating now.

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Looking at it I think issue was that village sprint reverse did not exist as a segment on Zwiftpower, only Village Sprint

Hey everyone, thanks for the reports.

We fixed this one in the wee hours this morning actually.

The sprint exists in Zwiftpower, and you can find it at this link.

For those of you who are race organizers, you should be able to head back to your events and add the sprint now then regenerate your results if the segment is critical to your event.

Sorry for the confusion!