ZwiftPower segment time issues

ZwiftPower keeps track of segment times for several different segments, and assigns ZPoints based on the fastest times on these segments. From time to time abnormally low, unrealistic segment times pop up for various reasons, but seems like they are usually due to some short-lived bug after an update. I’d spot these occasionally and it used to be quite easy to just post a message on the forums at ZwiftPower and one of the Mods there would fix it rather promptly.

Since the forums at ZwiftPower are gone, I followed the directions Zwift has given for reporting. It’s been well over a week and Zwift has not fixed the segment time I reported. Are they not reading these, or do they just not care?

Obviously something is up, as the Event the rider did to get the Watopia KOM Reverse segment time was in Crit City.