Race Ranking Calculations

So I did this race last week - ZwiftPower - Login
I was fortunate to beat several riders with race ranking much higher (lower?) than mine. I’m an avg 250 or so and these guys were in the 100s. Yet, my Gain was only 2 points. Is there any reason I wasn’t able to get a higher ranking considering there was a fairly good strength of field?

I didn’t check the math for the event you mentioned, but Rob Bane recently made a video about how it works if you want to see if you can replicate the calculations.

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OMG…the formula for this is way more convoluted than I would have ever imagined. Would be so much easier that when you beat someone higher ranked, you get his points. LOL

Anyway, it’s not that big a deal. I typically join races that are held at convenient times for me and won’t bother to invest the time to review the strength of field. Zwiftpower Race Rankings aren’t currently paying any of my bills. But I do Thank You All for your feedback and input on the topic.

ZwiftRacing.app works more the way you’re thinking.

rankings > individual > FAQ on zwiftpower also explains the formula. i have no idea what any of it means other than low race rank means a stronger field. or at least a field full of people who race a lot