Event Results for Stage 9 (and make up stages) of Tour de Zwift

Hey Zwifters,

The team has released a patch to enable Guest World functionality (if you’re on iOS or Apple TV, the patch is coming soon). With this patch comes a number of fixes and improvements, one of which is particularly important for Tour de Zwift participants.

The change we have made should improve the real-time event ranking with regards to people who join the event late. This should make your real-time position accurate throughout ride (rather than it changing at the end of the event).

This issue was one of the main reasons we disabled race results/event ranking after Stage 3 of TdZ. With this change in place, we are going to re-enable race results/event rankings for Stage 9 of TdZ (starting Monday night at 9pm PST) as well as all of the make-up stages between Feb 2nd and 4th.

As always, it’s possible that this change doesn’t resolve every issue with the combination of Late Join and Event Results, so if you see behavior that you feel is not working correctly, let us know at support.zwift.com or forums.zwift.com.

Enjoy the remainder of Tour de Zwift 2019!

Is it possible to publish summarized ranking of TdZ event for both categories separately?

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Personally I don’t care about accurate live positions, I just care about seeing some position.

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