Time Trial HUD disappeared mid race


I was taking part in my first TT on Zwift last night (the Tri Aus TT), and halfway through the TT specific screen elements disappeared (e.g. the distance remaining bar at the top centre, the splits on the left, and the course on the right).

At first I thought I’d accidentally hit a turn button, and gone off course, but looking at the activity later, I’m pretty sure I was on the correct course still.

Could I have been kicked from the TT mid race? I didn’t receive a message saying so, but I was on a road bike rather than a TT bike, as I mistakenly thought I’d be put on my TT bike automatically. Would that be a reason to be kicked?

I joined the TT from a custom workout (GP Lama’s warm up), could that have caused problems later?

Is it possible the HUD just disappeared for a while, and would have come back? Sadly, I was struggling a bit by then, and the idea that I wasn’t in the race anymore was disheartening enough for me to pack it in, so perhaps everything would have resumed later on?

I was only doing it out of interest, so it’s not a particuarly big deal, I’d just like to know if I was doing anything wrong for future reference.

Thanks, Mark