Your UI breaks any sense of immersion in Zwift

You updated the Richmond course with newer and better visuals, that’s awesome! I’m from Richmond and recently moved away so it’s great to be able to ride that course and see how it more closely resembles the actual city and how you put in real life landmarks and buildings. You know though what’s not awesome and really takes me out of the moment and has me screaming at the screen and I debate on stopping and closing out of Zwift? Your UI.

I’m riding and a list slides in from the left showing me my ranking on a timed segment that I don’t care about and I’m not trying to compete in. Another UI element pops up in the middle showing me my real time standings against the people in that timed segment that I don’t care about and i’m not competing in. And another UI element shows up when there’s another rider in front of me telling me to CLOSE THE GAP… I don’t care and i’m not trying to close the gap and it’s really irritating me to see that message pop up. Then there’s that list of riders on the right of people who are around me. Don’t care. I don’t care who’s around me. I’m just trying to get in a ride.

I get it though for some people, they want that, and maybe i do when i’m feeling competitive. But some times, i’m not and I don’t want to see that on the screen and it takes me out of the moment and out of the gameworld you guys have created. Maybe give people the option to taylor the UI instead of forcing all these popups and UI animations on the screen. Maybe take a look at how android or ios or windows builds their UI and how it doesn’t try to get in the way of people using it. I’m just saying, your UI is getting in the way of the game.

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