Change the UI elements

I’d like to be able to change or hide certain UI elements when I’m riding. For example, there are some times when i’m riding and I don’t care about timed segments on a course. So it’s really annoying and immersion breaking to see my ranking on segment on the left side that I don’t really care about doing and I’m not trying to compete in. I don’t care to see to see where I am in that ranking in real time pop up in the middle of the screen either. I also don’t care to see who’s around me either on that bar on the right side and if I don’t care to see who’s around me i really could care less about closing the gap either.

Seriously, you want this to be an immersive virtual reality option for indoor cycling and yet you have all these UI elements pop up or slide in to place that break that immersion and take me out of the worldspace and just irritate and piss me off instead and bring me back to where I actually am and at that point i want to stop and not use zwift. It’s called information overload and in some games developers try to minimize that so it doesn’t get in the way of the actual game.

I get it though, some people want that, but you know what some people don’t want that as well. Again, maybe have an option to allow users to customize those UI elements on the screen to allow them to see what they want to come up on the UI.

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