TT HUD and mass-start time trials

Today I did this race BST Happy Mountaingoats’ Hill Climb TT: Lutscher 1 Laps 25 km

The Lutscher course starts and finishes at the top of the climb. But it’s common for races to have lead-ins. So I expected the timing to start @ the start pen.

But time trials have a special HUD. At Bologna, solo start,we started, then a few seconds later, the HUD turned on, along with time elapsed. In the desert the HUD appeared immediately, along with the timer. Here we started and lap said “lead-in”, but no HUD. No problem – I’d wait for the HUD, then game on.

We hit the climb and I figured the timer was using the course proper – start and finish @ the KOM banner. No problem – warm up the first time up.

But when I crossed the KOM banner, lap changed to 1, and still no TT HUD.

So I suppose this wasn’t a TT after all, but rather a pack race without drafting. But it was labeled as a time trial.

Can someone clarify?

  1. Where does the timer begin on the TT race at Bologna? After leaving the pen, right?
  2. Do mass-start time trials ever show the HUD?

This is quite confusing, because in training mode, routes don’t start until you reach a route start point. For example, @ Surrey Hills, you need to climb Kite Hill before the route even begins, then climb it again to reach the finish later.

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I would say it is safe to assume all races start in the pen.


So it seems “mass-start time trials” don’t use the Zwift time trial mode at all. They’re just regular mass-start races where they shut off drafting, and probably shut off power-ups, and allow time trial frames.

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